Cybersecurity Awareness

3 Free Ways to Boost Cybersecurity Awareness

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By: Omer Kaan Aslim
October 26, 2020
Training employees on cybersecurity practices and reminding them of security threats is paramount for any successful program.

Use the DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge

PewDiePie Cyber Challenge
Only 31% of employees get annual training on cybersecurity.[1] If you don’t train your employees annually then you can leverage the DoD cyber awareness challeng e-course. It is absolutely free.
The DoD cyber awareness challenge can also replace your boring annual security training slide show. The DoD updates it annually and it is interactive. Employees also receive a certificate of completion after achieving a high enough score.

Use DHS Tips in Weekly Awareness Emails

Instead of always writing up a custom security awareness email for your employees just use the free tips from the Department of Homeland security website.

Leverage DoD Training Aids

The U.S. Department of Defense has poster quality documents that you can either print out and hang up or email to your employees to raise awareness about cybersecurity threats.

Security Awareness Pays Dividends

According to Rob Kraus, random security training in organizations results in a 10-15% reduction on the likelihood of a successful attack and consistency in training and estimating its effectiveness is needed to reach a 40-50% reduction. As evident, he clearly points out that 100% reduction of successful attacks is impossible.[2]

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