CMMC Practice Requirement:

Employ replay-resistant authentication mechanisms for network access to privileged and non-privileged accounts.

CMMC Requirement Explanation:

Using secure authentication mechanisms can help prevent attackers from launching successful man-in-the-middle attacks. TLS is replay resistant, so using it to protect your network communications will meet this requirement.

Example CMMC Implementation:

Enable transport layer security (TLS) for access to your systems. Ensure that web based logins to your systems are protected (green lock in address bar). Use multifactor authentication to protect accounts accessed over the network.


- Scenario 1:

Using your internet browser you go to log into the admin page of a printer on your local network. Before logging in you notice that the connection is not secured with TLS and is unencrypted. You work with your team fix this so that connection to the page is protected with TLS.

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