CMMC Practice Requirement:

Track, document, and report incidents to designated officials and/or authorities both internal and external to the organization.

CMMC Requirement Explanation:

By setting up a mechanism to track, document, and report incidents you can track progress towards containing incidents. You can also reference this information in the future.

Example CMMC Implementation:

Setup a mechanism to track and document incidents. An IT ticketing system is ideal for this. Create incident reports and provide these to key management inside your organization. If required by your contract, these persons can provide reports to the DoD. Document a process to track, document, and report incidents.


- Scenario 1:

You detected malware on one of your workstations. To begin tracking the incident and to notify the incident response team you create a ticket in your IT ticketing system. The ticket contains your observations and other relevant details of the incident. When creating a ticket and adding comments members of the incident response team receive email notifications.After containing the incident you create an incident report and provide it to designated company management. Company management then provides it to the DoD if required.

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