cybersecurity maturity model certification CMMC and corona

Has CMMC been affected by the Coronavirus?

Omer Aslim selfie
By: Omer Kaan Aslim
June 04, 2020
Yes, CMMC has been impacted by COVID-19

Yes. Covid-19 has impacted CMMC. The DoD had to delay the announcement of an MOU signed with the CMMC Accreditation Board due to COVID-19. The MOU establishes “the roles, responsibilities, and authorities of each organization to help ensure a cyber-safe, cyber-secure, and cyber-resilient defense industrial base.”
We will likely see other delays including a delay in the appearance of CMMC requirements in RFI’s. It is safe to assume that companies have had to slow their CMMC preparations as they shifted resources to support remote workers.

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